Professional vs. Casual: Black Shift Dress

A black shift dress is an essential piece of any wardrobe. Its versatility makes it wearable on so many different occasions. I styled my shift two different ways. There are so many options you can make with a simple black shift dress. 

Styling Loafers

We are sharing two looks styling loafers! These can be dressed up professionally or dressed down for a more casual business look. Perfect for back to school! 

The first look is a monochromatic light blue polo, navy pencil skirt, and white loafers. 

Travel Advice You Don't Normally Hear About

Planning a big trip can intimidating. If you are traveling to a new country whether it's your first time or your fifth time, I'm sharing a few tips I came up with from my own experiences of traveling abroad. Particularly the ones you didn't hear about before you left.

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